WRD Advantages

  • Wide Range of Production:
    It can produce various kinds of welded H-beam that hot rolled H beam line can’t produced. The specifications are from 50-100mm ~300-600mm, thickness 2.5-14.0mm.
    • Flexible Production:
      It can produce small batch and multi-various products to meet the market demand.

    • High Production Efficiency:
      The steel structure is assembled, welded and corrected at the same time, and the production time is greatly reduced. The annual production is more than 80,000 tons.
    • Lower Cost:
      High degree of automation, the production process is safer. So fewer operators are needed.

WSLT600 Welded H beam Mill Line in China
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  • High-frequency welding H-beam is a kind of economical Cross-section steel. The advantage of high frequency welding method is that it can produce various kinds of H-beam cross-section. At the same time, it is very flexible to operate when producing, as well as being suitable for market demand in steel structure with small batch and multi-various products. Moreover, continuous H.F welding H-beam also has strong economy.

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