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  • WRD can provide all kinds of rollers that available for making all specifications of round pipes and square& rectangular welded pipes.

    The design of WRD rollers adopts groove CAD technology, which is more reasonable distribution of deformation extent for each stand, and reduce wearing consumption effectively.

Advantages of WRD Roller
  • Vacuum furnace quenching
    It makes roller hardness more uniform, with very small deformation and superior surface quality, which are not realized by ordinary heat treatment.
  • Grain refinement treatment
    It makes the roller deformation uniform during processing, which can also increase the wear resistance and flexibility of roller.
  • Secondary forging
    It improves the internal structure of roller and improve the impact resistance and precision.
  • Variety of roll materials are available
    SKD11, D2, 12CrMoV, Cr12, etc.
  • Completely manufactured by WRD
    From blanking to processing and quenching, CNC processing to finished products are all completed in WRD’s workshop.
  • 1200 tons annual output
    WRD can support you with fast delivery and competitive price.

The process flow of roller manufacture

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